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Mobile Center offers wide range of services solution so we can fit our clients needs and be a flexible partner in business.
Mobile Center distribution

Distribution services

We specialize in acquiring and developing brands, boosting their value and distributing goods in collaboration with mobile operators, retail and distribution partners in over 30 countries. Mobile Center already represents names such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, JBL, Garmin, SBS, MUVIT and Displex. But we’re not stopping there. Our goal is to have a huge selection of well-known brands that people instantly recognize, so we’re always working on attracting more quality brands.

Brand marketing and
promotional campaigns

Need a marketing boost? We‘ve got your back. Our branding services include the whole package: promotional campaigns, store advertising and retailer collaboration. If there’s a product worth selling, we’ll make sure it finds a buying customer.

Product portfolio management,
sales coaching

Sometimes having a good product isn’t enough. Bad presentation and hollow visual appeal can jeopardize even the best merchandise. We help companies avoid that by maximizing retail potential and finding the best solutions to optimize business appeal. Our services cover everything from planogram and e-shop management to sales staff training.

Reverse Logistics
After Sales Management

We believe that customer service shouldn’t end with just making the sale. We offer full After Sales support that includes warranty repair service in any country under our scope.

Warehouse services

Warehouse maintenance is a crucial component for any successful retail operation. We offer services that include storage rent, stock and account control, sorting, specialized packaging technology and remote warehouse maintenance.

We also take care of logistics and integration with e-shops and B2B, B2C, EDI business infrastructure.

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