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Who we are

Mobile Center is a trusted distributor of consumer electronics such as smartphones, tablets, TVs and assorted accessories. Throughout the years we’ve garnered a reputation for building an extensive customer network, serving as logistics and warehousing partners for mobile operators, retailers and online stores. The customer has been our prime focus since day one. And we’re always willing to go the extra mile, which is why we’re constantly improving and evaluating our services.

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Company overview

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What we offer

Professional sales staff

Every successful sale starts with building tight customer relationships. That means establishing a long-term partnership that’s based on trust and service consistency, professional support and high-quality goods. We like to think of ourselves as right-hand men for our customers.

Unique logistics and warehousing solutions

We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions because every case requires special treatment. Our logistics and warehousing options can be tailored to every customer’s specific needs.

Flexible financial solutions

We offer financial terms and credit limits for funding working capital. This is a great way to allow yourself more financial freedom and flexibility in planning future initiatives while ensuring a consistent supply of goods and services.

A streamlined e-shop

Mobile Center has a B2B e-shop that offers a streamlined approach to placing orders. The simplified and clean interface allows easy processing of goods, invoices and logistics, meaning that you won’t spend hours scrolling and getting confused over misplaced orders. Our shop is intuitive and designed to benefit the customer.


MTTC is our trusted partner that takes care of all warranty-related matters.

Become a Partner

Lets grow together! Mobile Center is open for partnership with distributors, retailers or mobile operators.
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Eco-conscious company

Mobile Center is an eco-conscious company with ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, meaning that we process our waste and pay taxes in accordance with EU law. Company policy states that employees should keep waste to a minimum, making sure to always sort and use resources responsibly. We believe that lesser consumption of paper, water, electricity, and batteries will solve many problems in the first place. The rest is just making sure waste gets properly disposed of. One of our biggest recent achievements is the purchase of a packaging robot, which dramatically reduced the consumption of paper, plastic, and other materials. The robot also optimized our resources, speeding up the manufacturing process, and reducing physical labor. We’re now able to work faster, safer, and deliver more goods.

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