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The Benefits of Automation in the Electronics Industry: How Technology is Improving Sustainability

09 February, 2023

The electronics industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world, with a significant impact on the environment. The electronic industry is turning to automation as technology advances to improve production and distribution processes. Automation can potentially reduce energy consumption, natural resource use, and waste of electronic products. In this article, we will explore the benefits of automation in the electronic industry and how it is helping to create a more sustainable future.

1. Reducing energy consumption 

Automation in the electronic industry has the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption. Automated systems can optimize production processes, reducing the need for manual labor and energy consumption. Additionally, automated systems can reduce waste by ensuring that products are produced efficiently and with minimal materials.

2. Using less natural resources 

Automation also has the potential to improve natural resource use in the electronic industry. By reducing the need for manual labor, automation can reduce the number of materials needed to produce electronic products. Automated systems can also reduce waste by ensuring that products are produced efficiently and with minimal materials.

3. More sustainable processes 

Automation can also help to improve sustainability in the electronic industry by reducing transportation needs. Automated systems can optimize distribution processes, reducing the need for transportation and minimizing emissions.

However, there are more benefits to consider.

  • Product Quality: Automated systems can help improve electronic products' quality by ensuring that they are produced consistently and accurately.
  • Worker Safety: Automation can help to improve worker safety by reducing the need for manual labor and minimizing the risks associated with manual production processes.
  • Skills Development: It can help to create new job opportunities and support the development of new skills, leading to a more productive and sustainable workforce.
  • Supply Chain Management: Automated systems can help to improve supply chain management, reducing the need for transportation and minimizing the carbon emissions associated with it.

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Mobile Center: automation in the center of operations 

In recent years, we have been using the power of automation to improve our processes, streamline resources and reduce our environmental footprint. Recently, we acquired one of their best purchases: a Robopac Robot S6 Stretch Wrapping Machine. Robopac is an autonomous device that can pack any goods, regardless of size, shape, or type.

The goal was to buy a machine that optimizes pallet packaging while saving time and material resources and providing safer transportation solutions on our logistics chain. Packaging machines usually bring more speed and accuracy to the work process, improving our daily warehouse duties. 

A big warehouse like ours uses many packing and security materials to ensure the products are safe and protected in their packaging.

We also included a cardboard shredder in our processes to minimize our spending on packing materials, reduce waste, and increase recycling. 

Mobile Center is an eco-conscious company with ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications, meaning that we process our waste and pay taxes in accordance with EU law. Company policy states that employees should keep waste to a minimum, always sorting and using resources responsibly. We believe that lesser consumption of paper, water, electricity, and batteries will solve many problems in the first place.

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