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What is a TV Set-Top Box? A complete guide to benefits, types, and installation

15 May, 2023


A set-top box (STB) is a small device that connects to a television and receives signals from cable, satellite, or internet sources. They have become increasingly popular as consumers look for new ways to access and watch television shows and movies. 

Set-top boxes have many advantages, such as better picture quality, access to more channels, and the ability to pause, record, and playback shows. They are particularly useful for those who live in areas with poor reception or limited cable or satellite coverage.

Learn more about these devices and how you could benefit from them. 

What is a Set-Top box?

A set-top box, also known as a digital set-top box, is a device that decodes digital signals and converts them into analog signals that can be displayed on a television. These boxes commonly receive cable, satellite, or internet-based television signals. 

There are several types of set-top boxes available in the market. Some of the most common ones include cable STB, satellite STB, hybrid STB (this type of set-top box combines the functions of a cable and satellite set-top box), and streaming STB (used to stream content from the internet, such as movies, TV shows, and music). 

Do I need a Set-Top Box? 

An STB is the ultimate solution for those still relying on older televisions that lack built-in digital capabilities or residing in remote areas with limited access to television signals. 

An STB is a vital intermediary device, bridging the gap between analog TVs and the digital broadcasting era. By connecting an STB to your analog television, you unlock the ability to receive digital broadcasts effortlessly. Say goodbye to outdated technology and embrace the convenience and versatility of an STB, transforming your television into a gateway to a world of digital content and endless entertainment options. 

Whether living in the remote countryside or owning an older TV, an STB is fundamental to an upgraded viewing experience.

Advantages of Using Set-Top Boxes

Set-top boxes offer several advantages, including:

  • Access to More Channels

Set-top boxes allow you to access a wider range of channels than traditional cable or satellite services.

  • Better Picture Quality

Set-top boxes provide better picture quality than traditional cable or satellite services.

  • Pause, Record, and Playback Shows

Set-top boxes allow you to pause, record, and playback shows, giving you greater control over your viewing experience.

  • On-Demand Content

Set-top boxes offer on-demand content, such as movies and TV shows, to watch whenever you want.

  • Interactive Features

Set-top boxes offer interactive features, such as games and apps, that allow you to interact with your TV in new and exciting ways.

How to Connect a Set-Top Box to a TV

Connecting a set-top box to a TV is a relatively simple process. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Turn off your TV and set-top box.
  2. Connect the set-top box to the TV using an HDMI or composite cable.
  3. Turn on your TV and set-top box.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

For a more detailed guide on connecting a set-top box to your TV, check out this tutorial.

eSTAR Set-Top Boxes 

eSTAR is the own-brand of Mobile Center that offers high-quality Set-Top Boxes. These devices are designed to provide a seamless viewing experience, whether you want to watch live TV, stream content online, or play games. 

With eSTAR Set-Top Boxes, you can enjoy crystal-clear picture quality and immersive sound, along with a range of advanced features such as recording, pause, and playback. 

eSTAR T2 618 STB

This powerful set-top box is designed to transform your TV into a smart multimedia hub. Seamlessly connect to your favorite streaming platforms, such as Netflix and YouTube, and indulge in an endless array of movies, TV shows, and online content. 

With its user-friendly interface and high-definition resolution support, the eSTAR T2-618 STB delivers stunning visuals and immersive audio, making every viewing experience truly captivating. Its versatile connectivity options, including HDMI and USB ports, allow you to effortlessly connect your devices and enjoy your personal media files on the big screen.

Learn more about this and other eSTAR STBs.

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