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As Good as New. Mobile Center Sells Pre-Owned iPhones

02 May, 2022

The last decade saw the birth of several iconic smartphones, ranging from cheap knock-offs to high-end premium pieces. But despite the wide selection, Apple remains the frontrunner in the smartphone business. Having an iPhone is like owning a Rolls-Royce. It's an investment in style, durability, and longevity. The only problem is a hefty tag, which bars most people from buying new iPhones upfront.

Mobile Center has been aware of this predicament and has come up with a solution. In partnership with MTTC, we’ve started the Apple Pre-Owned project, which revolves around fixing, renewing, and resetting used iPhones that can be later sold to new owners at lower prices. Our refurbished iPhones feature original manufacture IP class and programming, which allows you to keep the 24-month warranty. Mobile Center GUARANTEES that every single part in our Pre-Owned iPhones is certified. 

Adhering to our eco-friendly principles, we only use sustainable packaging for our products and don't include any cables, which adds up to reducing waste.

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All Pre-Owned handsets are prepared in professional service centers where every iPhone undergoes a data wipe. A deep reset ensures that new customers receive a fresh smartphone that adheres to latest EU data protection and safety standards. Pre-Owned iPhones have no trace of previous ownership.

Mint condition, just as good as the new ones! You'll shave off hundreds of euros and own the world's best phone. Here's a quick guide to our quality rankings:

A+ grade

Fresh out of the box! Or at least it feels that way. A+ iPhones are perfect in every sense: scratch-free, lag-free, peak battery condition. This is the closest you'll get to a new iPhone, but at a reasonable price.

 A grade

A grade

Pre-loved, and almost new! These iPhones might have a few cosmetic imperfections, but they're still good to go. Battery works great. Camera is perfect! What else is needed?

 A grade

B grade

Been around, still good to roll! Might have a few scratches and other imperfections. Nothing that a stylish phone case can't fix! Battery is in acceptable condition.

B grade 

We have a wide selection of gadgets for any tastes and purposes. Mobile Center is proud to offer quality iPhone handsets, which are the result of a careful selection and renewal process. Our primary focus is to offer clients a handset that fits their expectations. From now on, anybody can have an iPhone without breaking the bank!

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