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12 March, 2023
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Why You Should (or Shouldn't) Consider a Button Phone in 2023

12 March, 2023

Smartphones are a reality that we have all been used to for so many years. We have access to so many things, such as the internet, music apps, a camera, and others. Why would we want to go back to button phones and not be able to do anything other than make calls?

Nevertheless, there are obvious reasons for button phones still being available on the market. Would it be safe to assume that they are that obvious? Not for all age groups, despite one of them being certainly grateful that there are products made especially for them.

Let’s discuss this subject, reflecting on some aspects, such as the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to choosing button phones, but first, referring to their most special features.

Button phones features

What is the best way to describe the main features of a button phone?The button phones have a physical keypad, a smaller screen display, a basic internet connection, and no touch screen, and they perform basic functions like making calls and sending messages.

Advantages of having a button phone

Button phones have their pros when a consumer chooses a mobile phone. Shall we find out what are those main aspects that make this type of phone a clear winner?

  1. Simplicity: When it comes to using a mobile phone there are people who prefer using its basic functions rather than having a minicomputer on their hands. Having a lot of apps can be overwhelming to a group of people. Some of us just want to make phone calls and text with our friends, family, and our co-workers.
  2. Battery autonomy: Without all the apps people tend to have, this button phone takes a lot longer to disconnect due to the need of charging. Saving energy allows the user to work more hours with the phone. Consequently, you will charge fewer times and contribute to a longer battery life.
  3. Affordable: This type of phone has one of the most important pros: its cost. In fact, it is much lower than others – such as smartphones – making it a more popular product for those with lesser incomes. Smartphones are way more expensive than button phones, so it’s more accessible for some of us to buy a keypad phone for more members of a large family.
  4. Better for health:       A button phone doesn’t emit as much radio frequency as a smartphone. This is because a smartphone has higher power output and more advanced technology.

Disadvantages that come with a button phone

We have seen the advantages. Now, it’s time for the aspects that are not as good and make us question if we should buy it or not.

  1. Basic internet connection: Nowadays, we are so used to having a 4G or 5G internet connection in our phones. Well, button phones have a lesser quality when we talk about internet services. They have access to basic online services such as email, sending messages, and browsing the web. The downside, though, is the speed of connection. However, having access to the internet, these phones receive software updates thus keeping it up to date.
  2. Lower quality camera: Would you like to take some photos of your friends or family? With button phones you won’t be able to do that with much quality. However, you will still be able to keep those moments with them in your cell phone. Additionally, button phones may not have a front-facing camera, which can make taking selfies or making video calls difficult.
  3. Less storage capacity: Keypad phones come with a lot less storage capacity than smartphones. As the old button phones may have only a few megabytes of internal storage, there are new ones that may have larger memory, ranging from 4 to 32 GB. Still, there’s a huge gap when comparing it to smartphones.
  4. Smaller screen display: It’s one of the most contrasting characteristics when comparing a button phone to a smartphone. Having the keypad with all the buttons, there’s obviously reduced space for the screen display. This can make it more difficult to navigate certain apps or websites and may also result in smaller text and images that are harder to read.

Button Phones are Ideal for seniors

Seniors, most of them, can’t see as accurately as others, have a lack of dexterity, mostly when it comes to their hands, and usually have hearing problems. This is the best phone for seniors because it is simple to use, has a long battery life, and is particularly useful for those experiencing memory loss who may forget to charge their phone. And let’s not forget about the fact that it is easier to call for an emergency service as it has three contacts memorized and a senior just has to press one of the buttons.

Popular brands and trending button phones models

Brands still make this type of phone since there is an age group which prefers simplicity to the extreme number of services and apps that smartphones have.

S20 eShop listing photo cover

The most popular brands are undoubtedly Nokia and Samsung, which have a wide range of button phone models. Moreover, eSTAR also has a few keypad phone models which are highly recommended for seniors: eSTAR S20 and eSTAR S23. Five other models are listed on our website for you to check whether they are what you need.

eSTAR S23 senior phone

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