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Our New Robot Helper in the Warehouse

30 January, 2021

Since the beginning of automated manufacturing, people have enjoyed massive improvement in the production line, and nowadays no modern plant is complete without the help of robots. Robot helpers are indeed expensive, however, recently Mobile Center managed to acquire one of their best purchases: a Robopac Robot S6 Stretch Wrapping Machine. Robopac is an autonomous device that can pack any goods, regardless of their size, shape or type.

The goal was to buy a machine that optimizes pallet packaging while saving time, material resources and providing safer transportation solutions on our logistics chain. Packaging machines usually bring more speed and accuracy to the work process, which in turn brings massive improvements to our daily warehouse duties. It’s not just mere improvement in speed because the Robopac brings a whole platter of positive changes that make work much more efficient. In addition to making things faster, the machine also allows our employees to concentrate on other important tasks while the robot does all the manual labor. We’ve also noticed that we manage our material resources much better and produce less waste, which contributes to our long-term eco-friendly aspirations.

And we’re happy to announce that the Robopac machine heavily contributes to retaining our ISO 14001 certification, which signifies that Mobile Center is concerned with preserving and keeping the environment clean.

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