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Do Online Retail Exhibitions Work? This One Did!

22 September, 2021

COVID-19 has altered our daily lives in a way like never before. It was the first time in history where people had to rely on technology to proceed with their day-to-day tasks and businesses, and since most facilities had closed down, there wasn’t much of an alternative. The pandemic forced us to zoomify ourselves, affecting even those who’d never dreamed of hosting an online version of their events.

A webcam art exhibition doesn’t sound as alluring as the real thing, but people still gave it a thumbs up just for the sake of continuing, or at least pretending that life is normal. Retail exhibitions endured the same fate, as business owners couldn’t meet and present their new merchandise, hence why the prestigious IFA Berlin consumer electronics event was cancelled, instead opting for its online counterpart: Retail Connect 1to1.

Retail exhibitions have specific dynamics since they heavily rely on human interaction. Businesses come to show themselves and establish connections, present their goods and seek out new opportunities. Building business relationships without eye-to-eye contact, or even the classic handshake is difficult. However, Retail Connect managed to retain some of that spirit, even though handshakes were still out of the question.  

The event used state-of-the art technology to connect participants based on their preferences, which in essence converted into highly-efficient one-on-one meetings where businesses could present their merchandise just like in a real-life exhibition. This was the 3rd time Retail Connect held an online event that connected vendors and buyers. The result? Couldn’t have been better, as they managed to keep a happy middle that adhered to COVID-19 regulations and created a comfortable working environment for business representatives.


The exhibition wasn’t all just a meet-and-sell kind of affair, as participants also learned about the latest trends in consumer electronics while also getting a better idea of where retail is going after the pandemic is over. It’s already quite obvious that there’s a worldwide shortage of electronic components and that transportation costs are going through the roof, which unfortunately lead to pricier consumer electronics.

During the event, Mobile Center specifically stated that their warehouses are NOW packed with ready-to-deliver goods that can be brought to your door within a few days in Europe. That means we don’t have any shortages in our stock, and our logistics are in peak performance. We also underlined that our prices didn’t bloat up because of the pandemic.

But most importantly, we were happy to introduce our proudest achievement: HERO tablets that are officially licensed by Warner Bros. Some products are items you want to sell, but others, such as the HERO, are a pleasure to share because they bring much more to our customers than flat consumerism. We sincerely believe that the HERO line brings happiness and serves as a bonding tool for families. We hope that next year Mobile Center will have the opportunity to present these tablets in a live exhibition and showcase more goods from our HERO line! We conclude that online retail exhibitions work and do the job pretty well, but let’s face it: everybody’s waiting for the real thing. See you next year!  



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