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ESN B2B sales and distribution partnership with Mobile Center

14 March, 2022

After a successful start in European markets, we’re ready to take the next step forward. A long-awaited partnership with European Sales Network (ESN) offers us a chance to expand our operations into the Americas, Africa, Middle-East, and the Asia Pacific region. In Europe, we’ve earned a reputation for quick delivery, product availability, and always having a well-stocked warehouse, which was a huge advantage last Christmas when most companies were low on goods due to quarantine restrictions.

Given our Warner Bros. licensing and wide selection of superhero-themed consumer electronics, this is a great opportunity to spread the word about our main star – the HERO tablet. 


HERO tablets are designed to depict characters from comic books, movies, video games, and TV shows, featuring figures such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, Superman, and many others. The world is on the rise for superhero content, so there’s no surprise that HERO tablets are our top-sellers, especially among younger audiences.

Usually, jumping into large markets takes a lot of work, but ESN is a well-known player in helping companies enter global markets. They assist in introducing portfolios, launching products, and bridging new business initiatives. Their knowledge of logistics and country-specific distribution puts them in the top tier of business mediators. And on our side, we promise to keep up timely deliveries and always have enough goods in our warehouse.

Mobile Center is honored to begin a fresh chapter as we venture into the global arena. Our goods are already available in +30 countries. Let’s see if we can make it past 100!

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