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04 November, 2022
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Mobile Center is Looking For New Brand Licensing?

04 November, 2022

If there’s one event brand enthusiasts should never miss, it’s Brand Licensing Europe (BLE). Mobile Center attended BLE for the second time, and we think it’s the best place to fish for new ideas because BLE brings European brands under one roof for three days of networking, trend spotting, and deal making. Here you get to meet retailers, licensees and manufacturers in close proximity, which makes it a lot easier to seal licensing deals.

This year, Mobile Center came to scout for new licensing possibilities. We’ve been selling our Warner Bros. HERO tablets for quite some time, which proved to be a huge success among our clients, prompting us to think about acquiring licensing for more brands, especially ones that feature movie characters and superheroes. Established media brands are trustworthy because of their role in producing timeless story narratives and retaining strict quality standards. Companies such as Warner Bros. would never allow licensed imagery on subpar goods. Licensing is usually a signal that products meet a high level of craftsmanship.


Our experience shows that character-themed gadgets are extremely popular among families as they bring the household together and make smart technology more fun to use. Therefore, searching for new brand licensing is a natural leap forward and we’re happy to have met some of our potential partners.

In this year’s exhibition, we had the pleasure of meeting our current partners Warner Bros., and visiting stands of Nelly Jelly, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, and many others. Who will we team up with next? That’s still in the works. But hopefully, we’ll soon announce a new partnership and start a fresh line of goods.

Mobile Center also participated in private screenings of new Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures material, so we already had a quick peek into the future of filmmaking! And it looks bright!


Having visited the exhibition, we can confidently say that BLE is a playground for any brand-focused company. The secret lies in gathering key industry players in one spot, which makes progress happen much faster. In-person conversations, conferences, network sessions, and many other activities await participants, and we can assure you: it’s quite common to just walk in and out with a deal in hand. And if you don’t secure one, there’s always the benefit of refreshing one’s knowledge and getting in the loop of industry trends.


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